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                Just so, your light must shine before others
                               that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.     
                                                                                                                                     Matthew 5:16
    To share God’s promises to us from his word, along with the principles of being a good steward and tithing; 
   showing by our own example his faithfulness to his word, thereby encouraging others to trust in the Lord and 
   to succeed by embracing their dreams with faith in God’s word, for with God all things are truly possible...


Scripture Banner

   Bring the whole tithe

      into the storehouse , 

   That there may be food in my house ,

      and try me in this , says the LORD of hosts :

   Shall I not open for you the floodgates of heaven ,

      to pour down blessing upon you without measure ?

                                                                                    Malachi 3:10



  “Ask and it will be given to you ;  seek and you will find ;

                                  knock and the door will be opened to you .”

                                                                                     Matthew 7:7



  “... Everything is possible to one who has faith .”                         

                                                                                Mark 9:23



  “ Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith , 

                                                                     you will receive .”

                                                                                 Matthew 21:22



   Be doers of the word and not hearers only ,

                                                         deluding yourselves.

                                                                                       James 1:22














   But as it is written : 

        “What eye has not seen ,

             and ear has not heard ,               

          and what has not entered the human heart ,

            what God  has prepared  for those who love him .”

                                                                            1 Corinthians 2:9



  Trust in the LORD with all  your heart ,

                             on your own intelligence rely not ;

                                                                                   Proverbs 3:5



  For the LORD gives wisdom ,

          from his mouth come knowledge and understanding ;

                                                                                   Proverbs 2:6



  Find your delight in the LORD

                               who will give you your heart’s desire .

                                                                                      Psalm 37:4



  Entrust your works to the LORD,

                                    and your plans will succeed .

                                                                                  Proverbs 16:3

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My Fellow Dreamer,


     My dream has remained inside of me throughout my lifetime, for as long as I can remember.  Unspoken,

as it began to form, I thought of it as only my dream.  My dream of composing music for a living.  Over the

course of time I learned to play the piano, to read and then to write music in my own fashion.  Eventually, I

selected sixteen of my favorite compositions and made a demo CD.  I tried repeatedly over the following

year to gain the attention of a major recording label, unsuccessfully.  Then came my epiphany, when I was

forty-eight years old. 

     And so I encourage you, my fellow dreamer, to believe in all of your God-given dreams, to have faith in

God’s word and to persevere on your journey.  I believe that the Lord gives each of us his dreams for us to

fulfill, although some dreams go unspoken.  Please don’t let this happen to your dreams.  You can overcome

anything that stands in your way, having faith in God’s word, because with God all things are truly possible.

     The key to the fulfillment of all of my dreams, faith in God’s word, began with an act of faith the previous year.  I began to tithe and to simply believe God’s word.  I was crying out and waiting in faithfulness on the Lord, I was persevering in faith and then one day God answered me.  Suddenly in an instant, everything became so clear, so common sense, and everything fell into place. My melodies would become “Volume One” of my new fundraising concept and I would help to light another’s way thru the practice of good stewardship.

     The key to the fulfillment of all of your dreams is in that same priceless treasure, God’s word, which can unlock all of your God-given dreams.  Simply allow his word to fill your heart, then take your leap of faith.  I’m so thankful to the Lord that I finally did.

     May all of God’s blessings flow to you in abundance and may all of your God-given dreams come true…





                                                                                                                 Charles L. Mariner

Charles L. Mariner


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                                         Charles and his wife Lori-Jean were married as teenagers

                         and celebrated their thirty-second wedding anniversary on January 28, 2009.   

                 They have one daughter ( Jean-Marie ), four sons ( Jason, Justin, Joshua, and Joseph )

             and one grandchild ( Hope-Marie ). They raised their family in Willowick, Ohio where they    

         currently reside with their two youngest children.  As members of  Saint Mary Magdalene Church    

             in Willowick, where they attend mass regularly, they became involved with doing volunteer

                work at the Saint Vincent de Paul Society’s food bank to help others in their community.

                   Both husband and wife have worked many jobs over the years to support their family.

                            For the past seventeen years Charles has been an independent contractor,

                                        working mainly in solitude ... cleaning offices for a living.